Wednesday, June 10th – Full day, Students wear their PE Uniform for clean up day

Thursday June 11th– FIELD DAY, 12:25 Dismissal ( students wear their  Race for Education T-Shirts, shorts, and sneakers)
No PM HoCo Bus, AOB Bus and Pre-Arranged Aftercare available

Friday, June 12th – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, 9:00 AM  School Mass (students wear dress clothes), 11:00 AM Dismissal               
No PM HoCo Bus or AfterCare available, AOB bus available

If you have a portable canopy that can be used during field day, please drop it off to the back of the school hall labeled with your name.  Thursday’s weather forecast will be very hot and they will be used to give the children a break in the shade. 

Please pick up your student's medication from the Health Room between now and Friday morning (preferably before Mass begins). We are not permitted to store medications in the Health Room over the summer months so whatever is not picked up will be discarded.





Monday, March 30
All students in grades 1 –7 should wear their winter dress uniform. Only 8th grade students may dress out of uniform but should wear dress clothes. Students in grades PK-4 and K should wear their regular uniform. No dress passes may be used and no students in grades PK-4 through 7 should be out of uniform for any reason. All students will be in class pictures. During spring picture day, Classic Photography will only be taking individual portraits of those students who purchase an individual package. Envelopes went home with your child today and orders and payment must be received by Classic Photography on March 30th.


Almost magically, our school hall was transformed into a science museum. The students from kindergarten through eighth grade enjoyed ten stations that included hands-on science activities. Here is a report of the event from our first grade: “We were greeted by Mr. Mark, who brought a robot to our school today. The robot came from France. The robot spoke to us and showed us what it could do. It did toe touches, boxing moves, and kicks. It even sang Happy Birthday!

We got to go to stations around the room. There was a bike at one station where we could generate electricity to power a light. At another station there were race cans on a ramp that were covered in different materials. There were two boxes of mechanical objects we could use to build other things. We connected large and small gears together. We saw holograms. We got to make and arch out of giant numbered blocks and we found out that the most important block is called the key, which goes at the top. We watched a force in motion activity. We even saw a 3D printer! It was a cool, awesome, epic time!”


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This Friday (3/20/15) the students will have a special opportunity to experience a trip to a science museum without leaving school!  A mobile STEM science museum is coming to SAS.  The event will be set up in our school hall and each class will visit for 45 minutes.  A few parent volunteers are needed to help set up and assist the children throughout the day.  If you can assist for all or part of the day, please contact the school office.  Set up will begin at 8:40 and the first class will arrive at 10:30. The program will be completed at 3:15.


This event will be held tonight from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM at the Elkridge Pizza Hut located at 7260 Montgomery Road.   Come and celebrate the almost beginning of Spring with family and school friends at the HSA family night to raise funds for our school.  Please bring the attached Pizza Hut flier to give to the cashiers, servers, or drivers, so that SAS will receive a percentage of your total order placed.  Families can also show a copy of the flier from your mobile device.   As usual, there will be sign-in sheet for students to see which class has the most attendance. We hope to see you there!


8th Graders Lobby at State House in Annapolis

On March 4 Mrs. Schratz and Mrs. Sympson accompanied the eighth grade class to the Council on Private Education (CAPE) and the Maryland Catholic Conference Annual Advocacy Day.  Parents, Jennifer Payne and Lisa Gahan along with School Board member and former SAS parent, Jennifer Whitehead attended as well.  The morning began with an address by Governor Larry Hogan who is enthusiastically behind legislation that will benefit nonpublic schools.  The students also heard from Senator Ed Degrange who first introduced legislation to increase support for nonpublic schools in 2006. Archbishop Lori spoke about the importance of our citizens to have a choice to educate the whole child and he was very proud of the nearly 700 Catholic school students in attendance.  After the speeches the students rallied outside the State House, chanting, “Give kids the credit.”  They then had the opportunity to sit in the gallery of the House of Delegates and witness the lawmakers in action. Finally, small groups of our students visited the offices of the delegates and Senator Kasemeyer to ask for their support of the Maryland Education Credit.  Needless to say they were very nervous, but a few students spoke up and they all listened intently and respectfully.  The day ended with lunch and a few more speeches by various legislators. It was a great lesson in democracy and civic duty. 



Open House Registration 2015

8th Grade Learns About the Holocaust

The overarching theme of the middle school literature curriculum is the importance of tolerance and the terrible consequences of prejudice and bias. Over the years the students learn about religious, gender, class, racial and ethnic bias. In the 8th grade their unit on ethnic bias focuses on the Holocaust. They read fiction, non-fiction, and autobiographical works that help them understand that accepting stereo-types and refusing to stand up for the dignity of all people dehumanizes us. Recently, the class welcomed a very special guest speaker, Mrs. Susan Taube, an 89 year old survivor of the atrocities of the Holocaust. Mrs. Taube was around the same age as the students she addressed when her life changed forever because of bigotry and hatred. Our students listened so intently and respectfully as Mrs. Taube shared how after the Nazi’s came to power her friends stopped playing with her, she was forced out of school, and her father’s store was destroyed during the pogrom known as Kristallnacht. Her father was then taken away and she, her mother and sister were first conscripted into forced labor, then deported to the Riga ghetto in Latvia, and sent to a concentration camp where she was finally liberated by the Soviets in 1945 only to be sent east to work in a Soviet work camp. Despite the loss of her family, and unspeakable deprivation and cruelty, Mrs. Taube focused on coming to terms with forgiveness and appreciating the goodness of life. In 1947 Mrs. Taube and her husband, Herman whom she met while in the Soviet work camp, emigrated to the United States and settled in Baltimore.  She has four children, eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. It was obvious that Mrs. Taube enjoyed being with our students and very appreciative of the opportunity to tell her story in the hope that her experience will not be repeated. It was equally obvious that the students were engaged in a learning experience that left them with much to think about.



After School CANCELLED

UPDATED 1:40 p.m. - January 21, 2015
Saint Augustine School will be dismissing at our regular time today, 3:25 however, due to weather SAS will cancel After Care and All After School activities (including Quiz Bowl) this afternoon, 1/21.  
All HCPSS school-sponsored and community-sponsored events, including high school athletic practices and games scheduled for this afternoon/evening, Wednesday, January 21, are CANCELED, due to inclement weather.
Please drive carefully!